Friday, March 7, 2014


Sarah sat on the couch and lit a Camel straight. She took a deep drag and smelled the good coffee brewing. She was hungover. It was 1:03 p.m. She had just got out of bed and was trying to focus on the night before.

She lived in a studio apartment. The place had empty beer bottles and dirty clothes strewn through the rooms. The place was filthy. Sarah had been a hooker for 4 years and 3 months. She was 26. Sarah was short, fleshy, had red hair.

She remembered the night before. She gave this guy a blow job. He was around 50, fat, white. Something went wrong. When she finished swallowing a wave of nausea ran through her. She puked up his sperm. She felt like she was puking up everything good in her, puking up her soul. But there was very little good, very little of her soul, left.

The guy panicked. He jerked up his pants and ran clumsily out of the room. He threw some bills at her as he ran.

Sarah filled a big mug of coffee. She had a date at the hotel at 3:00. She sipped the good coffee and lit another Camel.

Sarah thought back to her first sexual encounter. She was 12 and swimming at her friend Mona's house. Mona's dad was hanging around. He sent his daughter into the house to make them sandwiches. When she was gone Mona's dad talked to Sarah while he looked her up and down. She was wearing a bikini. Then he pawed his crotch, outside his pants. Mona came back with sandwiches and grape Kool-Aid. Mona took a pass on the food and drink. The dad went into the house. Sarah never told anyone, and never went back to Mona's house.

Then Sarah remembered her first job. She was a waitress at Griffo's restaurant. One night she was serving a couple dinner. The guy ogled Sarah. Right in front his date. His date was angry but said nothing. The guy kept staring at Sarah's cleavage. His date said nothing. Sarah poured hot coffee onto his crotch on purpose. The guy leaped up and shouted that she had done it on purpose. Sarah denied everything. The manager came over. He heard their stories. The manager suspended her in front of everyone. She quit on the spot. She went into the back room, got her coat and backpack, and walked out.

It was getting late. Sarah had to shower, put on make-up, get dressed. She drained her mug of coffee, then walked into the bathroom.

copyright 2014 David Elsey

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